“Our work together is informational, inspirational, and transformational, leading you to the doorway of your higher potential fully realized."

Meet Peter J Hughes

Peter is a master life-change facilitator with on-the-court experience leading workshops and classes, and coaching private clients since 2004. Peter draws on his thirty years of professional theatre experience as a stage director and production manager, along with his training as a professional intuitive and spiritual teacher, to “pull to the forefront of your life your most fully-realized performance.” People who have worked with Peter, both on stage and off, no matter what their beliefs or their relationship to spirituality, are touched by the light and love that he emanates. Peter’s delightful and often wicked sense of humor, direct yet loving guidance, and old soul wisdom help make waking up to our higher potential a nurturing as well as powerful transition.

Explore Peter J Hughes' Life-Enhancing Services

VIBE TUNE UP, Spinning fear Into Love and Living a Thriving Life. Single session on-going series.

AT-ONE-MENT, Reclaiming Our Humanity. Four-session class series.

THE ART OF THE SOUL OF MONEY. Four-session class series. (Next class begins October 4, 2021)

YOUR HEART’S DESIRE, Create the Life You Really Want to Live. Nine-session class series.


AT-ONE-MENT, Reclaiming Our Humanity Intensive Workshop. 1-weekend, four-session workshop. 

THE ART OF THE SOUL OF MONEY Intensive Workshop. 1-weekend, five-session workshop. 

RECIPE FOR GENIUS, Practical and Effective [Performance Enhancing] Tools for Manifesting Thriving Creative Experiences. Single day, two session workshop.

VIBE TUNE UP Coaching. 1-hour individual coaching. Single session and ongoing sessions available.

AT-ONE-MENT, Reclaiming Our Humanity Coaching 1-hour individual coaching. Single session and build-your-own multiple session packages available.   

Coaching Sessions  are a co-creative process during which you are facilitated in taking a pro-active part in efficiently generating, and effectively implementing, sustainable results.   

Master Sessions

VIBE ALIGNMENT Channeled Private Session. 1-hour individual session.  

VIBE ALIGNMENT Channeled Group Session. 2-hour private group session (up to ten people)

Master Sessions are the crown jewel of the PETER J HUGHES experience, offering access to the profound wisdom and loving guidance of Sandalphon, the non-physical collective consciousness  working with you through Peter.  

Accolades for Peter's Work in Their Own Voice

I took so many notes from the first two sessions that I was mentally tripping over them, so found that surrendering and letting the experience settle in was much more powerful. Here are some of the concepts that now infuse my life on a daily basis: The clarity and simplicity of remembering moment to moment that we are whole, complete, and divine. Making the choice to act from connection to Source. The relief of acknowledging and letting go of past stories. Having no need for blame or resentment. They no longer have a place to land! Savoring the "banquet" of life. I am learning to trust the sensation of stepping into the vibration of love, thinking of it much as a muscle memory, like playing the piano or riding a bike. Welcome it and there it is. Thank you, Peter and Sandalphon, for this gift.
What Peter brings to the table is compassion, integrity, a great sense of humor, and a safe place to be vulnerable and to venture where many won't dare - to their heart's desires. He is unassuming while powerful as he skillfully connects with you on a spirit level. His ability to listen and to give intuitive coaching deepens the experience for the participants, creating an intimacy that includes everything from laughter to tears to cheers - and most importantly, results. Peter Hughes is a master at channeling Divine guidance, holding space, and inspiring laughter, as he facilitates life-changing results.  
Peter's delightful sense of humor, direct yet loving guidance, and
old soul wisdom help make waking up to your higher potential a nurturing as well as powerful transition.
With great love and humor, Peter Hughes guides you through releasing your old "story" the false pain of the past, and moving into the beauty of thriving. In his "Thriving Series" you will find the tools you need to live the joy you were born to be. Peter shares his own journey in such a pure, truthful way that you can feel your heart open through his words. His Divine Guides bless each word with a love that transcends and heals. He is gifted healer and a treasure.
Attending the classes by Peter is like going home to your favorite comfy couch with a delicious beverage and beautiful music around you. There is such peace and reassurance in the words spoken; it brings us to a place of comfort and understanding that is unmatchable. The wisdom that comes through always seems to match the needs we have in our lives. As parents, we have watched our children come alive and find alignment with their true self after a conversation with Peter/Sandalphon. In our marriage, we have let go of obstacles and found a deeper sense of love. Our spirits are lifted and we can smile and move through any obstacle we might be up against. We are so grateful for Peter and the opportunity to learn from him and from Sandalphon. 
"My golf score improved 11 points when I used Peter's (Within Is Where It's At) invocation before each swing. My friends are still trying to figure out how I was "cheating."
Peter has helped me to take an honest look at my life, to identify my self-defeating patterns of behavior so that I could redirect my energy in order to replace the negative patterns with something more productive. Today I know that I have not been a victim of a cruel fate, but a vibrant participant in a larger production - a production directed by me.
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