Do More Of What You Love

With advancements in technology, science, and medicine, we are sitting on a gold mine of human potential unlike anything we have ever seen before. With the sacred institutions of religion and government, we can create and establish the foundation on which to launch and sustain the next expression of our evolved human potential. With this …

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Tyranny of the White

One of the more uncomfortable, if not the most confronting, moments at the beginning of any creative process, is finding ourselves standing at the threshold of infinite possibility waiting—intellectually vulnerable, emotionally naked, and paralyzed—for inspiration. Some artists refer to this as the Tyranny of the White. For the poet and composer this threshold is the blank sheet …

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Rampage Of Appreciation

Appreciation changes how we experience our world and ourselves in the world, setting us up to attract more to appreciate. Start with the things to appreciate that are right in front of you, at your fingertips—like running water or, better yet, warm running water. Give thanks to the Universe and the city and county water …

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Mindful Medicine.

When it comes to the profound lifesaving developments in medicine, we have, at times, wandered far from the path of our humanity and fallen under the influence of the business of pill-pushing, generating the clientele necessary to keep a multi- billion-dollar industry thriving. And, to sustain the industry, a pill-popping mindset must be created and …

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The World As A Mirror

The state of the world does not dictate the experience of our humanity, but rather, the state of humanity informs our experience of the world. The world as a mirror reflects back to us the version of ourselves we project onto it. When we project a Soulful awareness of our humanity onto the world, we …

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