It's A Matter Of Soul, PART 3

There is no way on earth, literally, that everyone will be on the same page, frequency, perspective, agenda, or intention for any sustainable amount of time. That is not only unrealistic, but it is also not appropriate given the purpose of the human experience—and its contribution to the evolution of the Soul while navigating Soul Lessons and Soul Agreements. Humanity and the world at large are a work in progress. Diversity, contrast, and change are our strengths: they are what make this life and this world interesting. Can you imagine a world filled with stagnant, like-minded people walking around with perpetual blissed-out expressions on their faces? Honestly, how long would that be interesting before we needed to stir things up to feel alive?

Contrast, which fuels creativity, is key to the richness of the human experience. Given that we are creative beings— expressions of our Creator and participating in a creative work in progress—contrast is our creative power tool. When we navigate our human creative process with our Soul awareness perspective intact, we create humanity at its magnificent potential. When we attempt to navigate this same process in the absence of our Soul awareness, creativity becomes an assault weapon manifesting struggle, hardship, despair, and inhumanity. Both paths are valid given our Source birthright of free will. However, we need only dwell in the shadow side of the creative process long enough to identify what we do not desire so that we can be inspired to identify what we do desire, pivot our focus, and course-correct our efforts in the direction of the Soulful potential of each experience. There is no need to take up residence in the shadow side of any experience beyond its purpose of inspiring us otherwise. We have a choice.

However, whatever we choose, we need to get real about having exercised our free will to choose and get clear about our part in this process, our individual contribution, and hold ourselves accountable for having chosen to participate in alignment (or out of alignment) with the Soul of our humanity at its best.

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