It's A Matter Of Soul, PART 4

There are times when our life doesn’t look like what we thought it would or should look like; we stand in the middle of a moment where nothing is recognizable as being in alignment with our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellness. That is a part of being human. However, during these moments, we have the profound opportunity to pivot our focus away from external influences as the truth of our potential, course-correcting our thoughts, words, and actions into alignment with our internal Soul awareness. In this, we are aware that what we are “doing” is irrelevant to who we are Being while we are “doing” what we are doing. Being that how we show up is the ONLY thing we have control over, taking control over how we are showing up is the most profound way we can effectively and efficiently contribute to the health and wellness of our humanity. We are always appropriately positioned to be of the highest service to humanity. How we show up, however, determines the degree to which we are efficient, effective, and fulfilled.

Managing our thoughts, words, and actions into alignment with our Soul awareness is a moment-by-moment, breath-by- breath practice. An appropriate analogy for staying on course with this is that of an airline captain piloting a plane. If you are flying an airplane from LA to NYC, it is import- ant to keep the plane flying on course. Left to its own accord and vulnerable to the influence of the weather patterns, the airplane will constantly find itself veering off course, if ever so slightly at first, for the entire journey. Without course-correction, a slightly off-course status can, over time, evolve into a dramatic and traumatic rerouting. Rather than arriving in NYC and making the curtain for your favorite Broadway show, you might end up chewing on the catch-of-the-day at a diner in Newfoundland. Oops.

Navigating our Soul awareness and managing our thoughts, words, and actions, much like the airplane captain, requires our constant conscious intention and attention. Course-correcting our vibrational offering in each moment, with each breath, is key to a sustainable alignment with who we are as Soul and our contribution to the evolution of humanity.

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