Shift Internally, Act Locally, Manifest Globally

With advancements in technology, science, and medicine, we are sitting on a gold mine of human potential unlike anything we have ever seen before. With the sacred institutions of religion and government, we can create and establish the foundation on which to launch and sustain the next expression of our evolved human potential. With this profound potential comes profound responsibility; with this sacred structure comes sacred accountability. The measure of both is determined by the integrity of our humanity.

With a change of mind, we can use the internet to nurture and advance our humanity while holding ourselves accountable for managing our use for the benefit of all concerned as our number one priority, responsibility, and desire. With a redefining of purpose, we can reap the profound benefits of science as it continues to support us in understanding the workings of the Universe and our place in the bigger picture. With a shift in consciousness and reclaiming our mind-over-matter potential, we can redirect our medical research to address diseases at their source and develop preventative medicinal options. With a reconnection to our faith as an expression of our Source, we breathe the life of Divine back into our religion. When We the People act for the benefit of all concerned, electing vetted representatives who are a vibrational match for our self-nurtured humanity, we can navigate effective politics and efficient governing through the full spectrum of our evolutionary process. The key to all of this is held in how we manage our individual and, by proxy, our collective humanity. Shift internally, act locally, manifest globally.

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