Three Most Frequently Asked Questions
Part 3

During our last Talk Story Café visit I shared with you how the request clarity of purpose is the second most sought after answer for which my clients are hungry to receive guidance.

Our purpose is to remember Who we are as whole, complete, and Divine extensions and expressions of pure positive Source energy, and, navigate our physical-life physical-world experience from this Source awareness perspective. That’s it. That’s all of it. And that is the ALL of it.

Understandably, for most people this idea can be a bit confronting and overwhelming at first. So we take a few steps back and come at it from another perspective, putting a little breathing space and time between the question and the answer. This is a profound mind-shifting in awareness which requires pause for intellectual processing and energetic acclimating. People will often take this opportunity to inquire about this insight; the research being referenced; the facts supporting the guidance—in another words, they want proof. Under the heading of homework assignment, I offer several titles from a variety of books and articles from my reference library, extending an invitation to do some in-the-field exploring to support their acclimation process.

My style of facilitating is informed impart by my passion for research and learning and, more so, by a fine-tuned ability for effective and efficient intuitive channelling. When clients ask me how I know what I know, I use the 411 operator analogy. I suggest they relate to me as a spiritual 411 Operator; you submit a request for the guidance you desire; I access Divine data-base, retrieve the appropriate information; and bring it back to you, Just like the 411 phone operator retrieves a telephone number—or, for my younger clients,  Google or Wikipedia. Do not become distracted from accepting the guidance by forcing a need for understanding my process. This will only keep the client from benefiting from the purity of the guidance. Having been retrieved specifically to support the client’s current emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellness, the guidance is most profound and effective when accepted and integrated hot-off-the-press.

This takes us to the third most asked question, “Why is life so hard?” You’re going to either love the answer, or you’re going to … not-love the answer. Either way, the clarity is mind-blowing.  

Simply stated; Life isn’t hard. Life just is.

Now, before you become emotionally unglued and intellectually unhinged by this straight forward answer, take three deep breaths, there is more. Life is indeed intense, there is absolutely no question about that. It is a full-spectrum human experience–from the darkest of the dark to the brightest of the Light, and every shade of the human experience in-between. However, thinking of it as hard or easy, good or bad, right or wrong is a taking a perspective the projection of which manifests an experience of equal proportion. We do not have control over external influences. We do, however, through free will, have total control over choosing the experience we are having.  

The external happenings in the world do not dictate our internal life experience, but rather, our free will to choose informs our internal experience of life. The world as a mirror reflects back to us the version of ourselves we project onto it. When we project a thriving perspective of ourselves onto our world, we create a thriving experience of ourselves and our life. When we project a surviving perspective of ourselves onto the world, we manifest a surviving experience of ourselves and our life. Our status as whole, complete, and Divine extensions and expressions of pure positive Source energy, along with our birthright of free will, guarantee we are never judged in what we have chosen. However, the law of attraction based Universe, by Divine design, is a Yes machine, and will always—and in all ways—say “Yes” to whatever experience of life we choose, consciously or unconsciously.  

We are works in progress, always evolving, always fine-tuning our potential. When we line up the answers to these three most asked questions:

Question: Am I in the right place, doing the right thing?

Answer: Yes. If you were supposed to be somewhere else, doing something else, you would be there, Now, doing it. 

Question: What is my purpose?

Answer: To remember Who you are as the whole, complete, and Divine extension and expression of our positive Source energy.

Question: Why is life so hard?

Answer: Life isn’t hard. Life just is. You choose your perspective and create your experience. 

we can begin to see how when we stop resisting and  accept where we are and what we’re doing; remember our purpose; and use our free will to choose our life experience; we change our mind about where we think we are, remember the truth of Who we are, and rewrite the story of what we believe is possible.

This is the essence and foundation of the Talk Story Café experience—a sacred gathering space to reposition our perspective, spin our stories into gold, and create a thriving life experience. I invite you to take some time to explore these three insights, seeing how they fit (or don’t fit) when held up for consideration to some of your current life experiences. See you back here at Talk Story Café next time when we gather to further explore and celebrate navigating our life experience from our Source awareness perspective.   

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