We Cannot Give What We Have Not Received

For many people there is a stigma attached to the act of receiving. Having been taught to embrace and promote the belief that it is better to give than to receive; in the name of being humble and noble; a tourniquet is clamped on the natural flow of abundance.    

Likewise, for many people there is a stigma attached to the act of giving. Having been trained to enfold and defend the belief that if you give something away you lose it; in the name entitlement and scarcity; a chokehold is applied to the life force of thriving. 

The fact is, giving and receiving are two distinct components of one profound process.

If we consider how we cannot give what we do not have; it becomes clear how in receiving abundantly we are able to give more generously, and in giving authentically we have a more  expanded experience of what we have received. In this, we shift our beliefs about lack and open the flood gates to the abundant flow and thriving potential of a most loving and generous Universe. 

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