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Get Annoyed Enough To Do Something About It.

I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday, about how we can manage our thoughts, words, and actions during these “bat-shit-crazy” chaotic times. I offered up these three At-One-Ment cards to support the idea that, though we do not control the chaotic behavior of others, we do have total control over the chaos of […]

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One Person

When people ask the question “What difference can one person make?”, and allow themselves to be a (vibrational) match for the answer, effective actions will become obvious. The difference we can make is found beyond the problem. Having identified the problem, our part is to (vibrationally) align ourselves with the yet-to-be-known answer. However we choose

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Brain Frees

Much like neighbors living on the same cul-de-sac, having never met, the Left Brain, Right Brain, and Heart Brain play in their own yards and mind their own business. However, when they meet and get to know each other they bring diverse insights, skills, and desires to the soul of the neighborhood, and throw one

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