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VIBE TUNE-UP, Spinning fear into Love and living a thriving life. 2-hour course; group setting. [Upcoming classes, online via Zoom, Monday January 23, 7-9pm (MT). Click HERE to register ]

During the Vibe Tune-Up class participants are invited to consider how our thoughts, words, and actions are either an asset or a liability–expanding or limiting our thriving potential. Participants are introduced to a series of performance-enhancing tools designed to align us with our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellness. From here, we do an assessment of current affairs; personal, local, and global, with the intention to get our shift together and generating conscious, intentional, and sustainable thriving results. 

In the Vibe Tune-Up we will:

  1. Introduce/review Three Tools and Key Insight, the foundation on which to navigate the Vibe Tune-Up process.  
  2. Identify area(s) of our life/current situations around which we desire to generate a shift and create change. 
  3. Reassign asset-value to the facts/data of our circumstances. 
  4. Consider more proactive perspectives from which to manage and navigate the facts/data of our life.  Vibe Tune-Up.
  5. Redirect our focus toward our thriving potential. Spinning fear into Love.
  6. Set up homework to launch us into action with the intent to generating, claim, and sustain thriving results. Living a Thriving Life. 

AT-ONE-MENT, RECLAIMING OUR HUMANITY.  8-hours over four-session; group setting.

Bottom line; We will never create anything authentic and meaningful if we are out of alignment with our humanity at its core and neglect to nurture it at the Soul level. What we are “doing” has little to do with the way our life is playing out. However, Who we are Being while we are doing what we are doing has everything to do with our experience of how our life is playing out.

With practical application as its foundation, referencing Peter J Hughes’ book AT-ONE-MENT: RECLAIMING OUR HUMANITY, this course is designed to realign you with a healed version of your individual and, by proxy, our collective humanity.

Through straight talk, talk story, and action points participants will be invited to take an active part in jumpstarting our individual contribution and course-correcting our collective potential to launch the next soulful expression in the evolution of our humanity.

During the At-One-Ment: Reclaiming Our Humanity four-part course, we will:

  1. Get back to the basics of navigating your daily life in appreciation. 
  2. Shift the paradigm of what you believe is possible for yourself.   
  3. Rewire your thoughts, words, and actions to align with your birthright to thrive. 
  4. Reclaim your individual humanity as a power-tool for activating  your full potential. 
  5. Set you up with action points to support you in generating, claiming, and sustaining thriving results. 

The fee for the At-One-Ment: Reclaiming Our Humanity four session course is $1,200.00 (maximum of five participants), payable through PayPal, Venmo, Credit Card (Square), or by mail-in check.

THE ART OF THE SOUL OF MONEY. 8-hours over four sessions; group setting.

In this course participants will navigate a process of practical application designed to realign us with a healed version of our relationship with money. Inspired by the book THE SOUL OF MONEY by Lynne Twist–and referencing a variety of resources–this course will change your mind about what money is and how it works. Participants will be invited to consider how currency informs our individual, local, and global experience and how, by changing our relationship with money, we set ourselves up to generate results far more precious than its monetary value. 

During The Art of the Soul of Money four-part course, we will:

  1. Consider how money, being a symbol, has no value except the value we give it.
  2. Reframe how we reference our understanding and relationship with money, being a symbol, is an indictor to our alignment with our Thriving potential.
  3. See how financial wealth and Soul-filled wealth are not synonymous, they are two distinct (energetic) bank accounts.
  4. Reposition ourselves to relate to money as a vehicle on which the Soul expresses itself into the world. 
  5. Rewire our understanding and relationship with the idea of ourselves as Soul.
  6. Identify to what degree we are having a Soulful/Thriving or a soulless/surviving experience with money.
  7. Rewrite our story about our Thriving potential, with money and any form of currency. 

(Watch this space for future class dates.) 

YOUR HEART’S DESIRE, 18-hours over nine sessions; group setting. 

Following the nine principles in Sonia Choquette’s best-seller YOUR HEART’S DESIRE – instructions for creating the live you really want to live, this course is a blueprint for becoming a conscious, intentional, and effective participant in creating that which we truly desire.

If you are ready to create the life you really want to live, then buckle your seatbelt, because here we go.At-

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