There was a time not that long ago when people accepted as truth the belief that the Earth was flat. And why not? There was no reference to support thinking or believing otherwise … until there was. Today, though some still believe it to be flat, to most, this idea seems absurd. Yet when a flat world is all you know, you don’t know to know something else. Had the Earth changed its form when the new facts about its shape were introduced? Of course not. Did the old belief about the shape of our planet shift when the new thought, informed from a broader perspective, was introduced? Yes. It took a while, but over time, people would begin to teach the new thought, accept the new belief, and settle into the new truth.

Changing our mindset about a belief takes time and effort, in part, because of the conscious investment involved; and, more so, because humans in general do not like change. Change is different, different is unknown, and the unknown is scary. Change involves releasing our grip on the familiar, reaching beyond what we know for sure, and a willingness to spend some time standing vulnerable in the unknown. Yet change is always taking place, everywhere, all the time, and in all ways. Just look to the four-seasons of nature for inspiration. Our humanity, too, is in a constant state of change. As works-in-progress we are not designed to lock into any one way of thinking or believing and riding it out for all eternity. 

Ever evolving, always growing, and continuously expanding; change is a natural part of our human experience. However, our resisting of change, going up against our natural evolution, triggers a misalignment we experience as vulnerable and fearful. Yet these are symptoms of our misalignment, not the source of it. The source can be found in our belief that, in order to feel safe, we must control external influences and have “them” conform to what we deem familiar and acceptable. This requires a “Them,” different from “Us,” to be controlled and conformed. Enter, our belief in the idea of separation. 

Our differences aren’t what separate us, but rather, it is our belief about our differences that creates the perception of separation. What if a belief in separateness, similar to a belief in a flat world, had become our truth because it was what we were taught, what we learned, and the only thing we knew? And, what if our humanity, like the round Earth, had an unalterable truth and unbreakable connectedness? What if it were possible only for us to believe we are separate but impossible for us to be anything but connected? Our At-one-ment is our eternal connection, and our reclaimed humanity is the awareness of this connection expressed into the world.

To realign with our At-one-ment we must work together to nurture and sustain the health and wellness of our humanity, much like the cells of our body work together to sustain alignment with physical health and wellness. When the cells are at war with each other, imbalance and chaos set in and lead to disease, which, if not healed, leads to death. Similarly, when humans work against each other, imbalance and chaos set in and lead to disease, which, if not healed, leads to self-destruction. However, when we work together in our At-one-ment as our truth, nurturing and honoring the richness of our diversity, we align with the sustainable health and wellness of our humanity body.

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