It’s A Matter Of Soul, PART 2

Consider for a moment the possibility that our humanity is a vehicle on which our Soul expresses itself. When our humanity is in alignment with this awareness, we have a healthy, Soulful experience of ourselves and our world. When our humanity is out of alignment with this awareness, we have a dis-eased, Soulless experience of ourselves and our world. In this, we might say that the state of our humanity is an expression of Soul consciousness.

At an appropriate point in every awakening process, every spiritual journey, every shift in enlightenment, we have the profound experience of facing our Soul status head-on. At some point, we have to suck it up and deal with the Truth of who we are as Souls having a human experience. There is just no way around it. We can deny it (and we do deny it); however, if we are to get serious about being cooperative components in the evolution of our humanity fully-realized to its highest potential, we have to bring our Soul status into the equation. And it is here we must choose to shift, or get off the pot, so that we may start generating results in alignment with what we say we really want to create.

So, what is the Soul, who are we as Soul, and how do we tap into this awareness as a sustainable component in the evolution of our humanity? This expansive topic has as many interpretations as there are people on the planet: previously, currently, and pending. However, it is possible to rally around basic understandings that leave room for the branching off of interpretations without disconnecting from the life-force of our Soul roots.

For the sake of this conversation and the intention of establishing a common ground on which to rally, let us consider how we are all whole, complete, and Divine extensions of Source, expressions of God. The life-force that is Source, God, is the same life-force that animates our human physical bodies. It is the life-force that is projected into our physical body at the beginning of our physical life and retracted from our physical body upon the completion of our physical life experience. This life-force is pure positive Source energy, eternal and Divine by design, always non-physical, and sometimes expressed in the physical.

To further support this conversation, it is advised to position our relationship to God, the idea of God, or any resistance to the concept of God, in as non-dogmatic a perspective as possible. Use whatever name for the Source-of-everything that fills your heart with, and liberates your mind to, Love. This is your most sacred relationship. Keep it clear of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual obstacles.

Being extensions of Source and expressions of God, we can never not be connected to our Source, to God. In this, we are all connected at our Source, in God. Everyone, all-inclusive, no exceptions, always, and in all ways. As confronting and overwhelming as this concept can be to our human ego and intellect, allow yourself to hear this with your heart rather than your brain. Your heart knows this is True, and it will, with your consent, find a way to work around any perceived obstacles of belief that run counter to this awareness.

When we allow ourselves to consider, even for a moment, our Source/God connection, we see and experience ourselves in the Light of our Truth. From this perspective, we are positioned to see and experience everyone and everything in the Light of this Truth. When we allow ourselves to sustain our perspective in this awareness, we generate thoughts, words, and actions in alignment with our Source connection. In other words, we see and experience ourselves, everyone, and every- thing Soul to Soul in the frequency of Love.

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