It’s A Matter Of Soul, PART 1

Key to the success of our efforts is understanding how our humanity is an inside job. We do not change the world by manipulating, controlling, and forcing external influences. This way of Being only distracts us from being effective and diminishes our efforts, leaving us fatigued, depleted, and defeated. We have never created anything we wanted from an unvetted, fear-driven, survival perspective. We have always created what we want when we do so from a conscious and intentional commitment for the benefit of all concerned, always and in all ways, no exceptions.

Time and again, we have seen how natural or human-generated disasters bring people together in ways unlike what we experience at other times. Under these unimaginable and intense conditions, the human Spirit rises to the foreground, crossing without question any geographic, social, political, racial, and religious boundaries. In these extended moments, our humanity overrides all else, and we are connected in ways that inspire, drive, and empower—magnifying physical strength, emotional and intellectual clarity, and elevating our humanity to its highest potential. In all of these cases, our humanity is not created by the conditions of these events; rather, its presence is magnified in its sustained unfiltered state of purity.

Our humanity is always (and in all ways) present within our individual and collective potential. However, the degree to which it is nurtured, practiced, and mastered is our free will. When we get distracted by the self-imposed workings of the “real” world (and let’s be straight about this: they are self-imposed), our humanity can get displaced to the back burner of our awareness. Its eternal pilot light ignited and always at a simmer, our humanity is never unavailable for liberation and expression. The key to the mastery of our humanity at its highest potential is to move it to the forefront of our awareness as a conscious and intentional articulation of who we believe ourselves to Be.

Doing this from our human mental, emotional, and physical perspective alone limits our awareness to what we already know about the workings of humans, the world at large, and life in general. Our understanding (and thus our belief ) around what is possible is developed through experiences, either our own or inherited. In this, we have left out our most influential, accurate, and empowering perspective and awareness. To be effective in claiming and sustaining the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health and wellness of our humanity, we must first manage and navigate our individual emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual alignment with the Truth of who we are at our core: our Soul.

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