AT-ONE-MENT: Reclaiming Our Humanity


AT-ONE-MENT, Two-Day Intensive Workshop. Four sessions presented over two days.

Appropriate for intimate group settings and larger gatherings, the At-One-Ment workshop intensive is a performance-enhancing supplement for reclaiming the humanity and the thriving potential of any organization; corporate, not-for-profit, learning institutions, leadership training programs, arts and entertainment, etc. 

This workshop is a comprehensive exploration of the AT-ONE-MENT, RECLAIMING OUR HUMANITY book, and AT-ONE-MENT 52 card deck. Facilitated by the book’s author, PETER J HUGHES, participants navigate a hands-on tour through the twelve chapters of Straight Talk, Talk Story, and Actions Points which collectively invite us to do our part in the reclaiming of our humanity; the reclaiming of which influences and informs the integrity of every aspect of our lives. From casual encounters to lifelong partnerships, reclaiming our humanity is a profound contribution to our personal, local, and global health and wellness.  

Accessible to anyone, applicable anywhere, and appropriate for any situation, the At-One-Ment, Reclaiming Our Humanity conversation and experience is a wise investment of practical application with exponential returns.

During the At-One-Ment Weekend Intensive we will explore how:

  1.  In life, as in business; what we are “doing” is secondary at best to who we are BEing while we’re doing what we do. We are either in-alignment or out-of-alignment as a cooperative component with our thriving potential.
  2. Our thoughts, words, and actions are either an asset or a liability in our contribution to our individual and collective efforts. Managing and navigating the authentic Soul of an organization–and the commitment to humanity it promotes–cannot be faked; it is either all in, or it is not. There is no in-between. (As I write in Chapter Nine of At-One-Ment: Reclaiming Our Humanity; You can sprinkle powdered sugar over a pile of poo and call it dessert, but it is still a pile of poo. The same can be said about an organization.) 
  3. Our Mind Filters of limited-thinking inform how we react or respond to every encounter. If an organization is NOT grounded in a conscious [Soul] purpose–driven by a contribution to humanity, providing for the benefit for all concerned–it’s success or survival will be dictated by the facts of the past (empty-calories), and limited-thinking-as-truth (flabby-copy) projected onto its future potential. 
  4. The “gold” of our potential is found in what we don’t know, we don’t know. When we manage our willingness to explore beyond the boundaries of limited, survival-based, thinking, we expand our potential; make different choices; and take different actions–all of which influence the impact of our efforts–generating a much higher return on our investment. 
  5. The Authentic Conscious Question as a power-tool for aligning with the thriving opportunity in each moment. With slight adjustments in how things are done, and a sustainable shift in how we are choosing to participate, we align ourselves with generating thriving results associated with serving in sustainable authentic purpose.
  6. The practice of shifting our intention can adjust our listening to align us with expanded potential. A byproduct of investing in the nurturing the Soul of an organization is a substantial increase in the potential to retain the long-term loyalty of upper-management, front-line employees, desired clients, preferred venders, etc. A conservative culture with a thriving consciousness can generate profound results and serve as a model of authentic leading-edge success.
  7. A Mission Statement is a declaration of an authentic commitment to serving the greater good; holding its members accountable for managing themselves individually and, by proxy, collectively to the highest level of integrity, calling us out, and up, to be the change we wish to see in the world. 
  8. An introduction to the At-One-Men, Reclaiming Our Humanity book and 52 card deck as reference materials for guidance and support in the on-the-court practical application of the At-One-Ment concepts and Action Points.  

The At-One-Ment: Reclaiming Our humanity conversation and experience is a performance-enhancing supplement. It is designed to give the existing structure of your organization a heavy dose of humanity, and take your individual and collective potential a few rungs further up on the ladder of success to get a better view. If you are ready to move theory into action and manifest mind-bending results, and have a desire to be an advocate for humanity at its best–are willing to shift internally, act locally, and contribute globally–this workshop will shake things up, reset your trajectory, and align you with your thriving potential.



THE ART OF THE SOUL OF MONEY Weekend intensive. Four sessions presented over two days. 

Participants are facilitated through a fast-track process of practical application designed to realign us with a healed version of our  relationship with money. Inspired by the book THE SOUL OF MONEY by Lynne Twist–and exploring a variety of perspectives on the how currency informs our individual, local, and global experience–this course will change your mind about what money is and how it works. You will be invited to consider how changing our relationship with money we set ourselves up to generate results far more precious than its monetary value. 

Appropriate for intimate group settings and larger gatherings, the At-One-Ment workshop intensive is a profound tool in support of reframing our individual and collective thriving potential. This workshop is a game-changer for the financial institutions, not-for-profits, and fundraising in general. 

During The Art of the Soul of Money weekend intensive, we will:

  1. Consider how money, being a symbol, has no value except the value we give it.
  2. Reframe how we reference our understanding and relationship with money, being a symbol, is an indictor to our alignment with our Thriving potential.
  3. See how financial wealth and Soul-filled wealth are not synonymous, they are two distinct (energetic) bank accounts.
  4. Reposition ourselves to relate to money as a vehicle on which the Soul expresses itself into the world. 
  5. Rewire our understanding and relationship with the idea of ourselves as Soul.
  6. Identify to what degree we are having a Soulful/Thriving or a soulless/surviving experience with money.
  7. Rewrite our story about our Thriving potential, with money and any form of currency. 

An optional Energy Shift-Attunement Process session is available for groups desiring to lock into this profound paradigm shift on a cellular level.

If you are ready to shift into a soul-full experience with the creative potential of currency, the Art of the Soul of Money workshop will give more bang for you buck, by far.




RECIPE FOR GENIUS, Practical and Effective Tools for Manifesting Thriving Creative Experiences. Single day, two-session workshop.

Originally created to support and inspire the theatre arts and entertainment community, it soon became apparent the Recipe for Genius workshop reaches far beyond stage and screen. Being how we are all creative works in progress, this workshop experience is applicable in supporting anyone in any creating process.

During the Recipe for Genius workshop you will be facilitated through an interactive conversation and experience of basic perspective-shifting tools and distinct characteristics which collectively fuel the creative master-mind. You will establish an understanding of the intention, value, and workings of each tool and  characteristic, as well as how to implement them individually and collectively for maximum results. 

There actually is a Recipe For Genius.

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