Meet Peter J Hughes

I am a life-shift facilitator working with people to change our minds about what we think and believe is possible for ourselves. We’ll take a look at how our thoughts, words, and actions are either an asset or a liability to our thriving potential; then consider how beliefs about limitation, having been learned, can be unlearned and replaced with thriving based beliefs. I will guide you through a thought-shift training process which liberates us from beliefs of limitation and aligns us with our thriving potential experienced as a way of life, rather than just a nice idea.

As a stage director and stage/production manager I have been facilitating people—groups and individuals—through the creative process; from the early stages of concept development to the tangible culmination of the creative vision; professionally since 1984. I have been facilitating life-shifting and life-enhancing workshops, classes, and private clients—as my vocation—since 2004.

Over time, I have had the opportunity to work intimately with a wide range of  clients on a full spectrum of issues as basic as finding a new job; as intricate as manifesting a life-partner; as intense as bringing clarity to grieving parents. In each of these circumstances we create a sacred space in which the client reconnects, regroups, and relaunches their individual and, by proxy, our collective potential.

There is no one-size-fits-all formula that works for everyone, in every situation. Even though, at our core, we all want the same things; I am clear we are all navigating a distinct set of life stories, mind filters, and beliefs. Honoring this, our work together, though structured for efficiency, is organic for effectiveness and sustainability. What I bring to the process—supper-sizing our efforts, expanding your potential, and anchoring you in sustainable results—is a keen intuition, deep spiritual insight, engaging sense of humor, and access to channeled guidance. I use this combination of training, tools, and talent, to create a client experience I refer to as Couture for the Soul.

Having been liberated from limited thinking and guided to the threshold of your thriving potential, you will find yourself re-introduce to your authentic soul-self. From this clearing of infinite possibility, the degree to which you generate desired results is the degree to which you allow yourself to nurture, claim, embrace, and sustain your thriving potential.

So, if you want to make shift happen; working together; we can make shift happen. 

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