Meet Peter J Hughes

I AM someone who is happiest when serving in purpose. Whether teaching a course, facilitating a workshop, directing a stage production, or working one-to-one with a private client, it is an honor and a privilege to witness people blossom into their potential. The highest of the high for me is being present when someone rewrites their story of limitation, breaks through the walls of resistance, and steps into the version of themselves not previously considered a possibility—yet always waiting to be claimed.

To thrive is our birthright.

In my career as a stage director and production/stage manager, since 1984, I have been facilitating people—groups and individuals—through the creative process, from the early stages of concept-and-development to fully-realized productions. In my vocation as a life-shift facilitator, beginning in 2004, I have been developing and facilitating thought-shift life-enhancing courses, workshops, and one-to-one sessions with private clients.

The degree to which we thrive,

I work with clients to change our minds about what we think and believe is possible for ourselves. We take a look at how our thoughts, words, and actions are either an asset or a liability to our thriving potential; then consider how beliefs about limitation, having been learned, can be unlearned and replaced with thriving-informed beliefs. Clients are guided through a Life-Shifting Strategies which align you with your thriving potential experienced as a conscious and intentional way of life, rather than a hit-or-miss “nice idea.” Over time, I have had the opportunity to work intimately with clients on a wide range of life-experience; as essential as finding a new job; as intricate as manifesting a life-partner; as profound as bringing clarity to grieving parents.

… is our free will.

There is no one-size-fits-all formula which works for everyone, in every situation. Even though, at our core, we have the same basic desires, I am very clear we are each navigating a distinct set of life stories, mind filters, and tethered beliefs. Our co-creative work together is structured for efficiency; and custom-tailored for generating sustainable results. What I bring to the process—supper-sizing our efforts—is a keen intuition, comprehensive spiritual insight, engaging sense of humor, and access to channeled guidance. I use this combination of tools, training, and talent, to create a client experience I refer to as Couture For The Soul.

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