Did Someone Say, Puppies?!

Manifesting anything, whether a cappuccino or a life partner, requires our committed participation in the co-creative manifestation process. There are three phases to this process: Ask, Allow, and Receive. First; We ask for what we desire, Second; We allow our request to be processed, and, Third; We receive the manifested results.

Many people only participate consciously and intentionally in the first phase—asking for what they want—and becoming distracted when it doesn’t magically appear in the thirty-seconds-or-less-or-it’s-free on-demand culture we live in.  

Imagine placing an order for a beverage at your favorite café, immediately walking out before the barista has started to craft your drink, and getting upset because you didn’t get what you asked for. As absurd as this sounds, energetically, we are doing this very thing when we ask for what we want and abandon our participation a third of the way through the manifesting process. If we want to generate desired results we have to be a reliable and sustainable cooperative-component in all three phases of the creative process. 

To support staying connected–during these three phases–creating and displaying a Vision Board in your home or office, is great way to keep a representation of your heart’s desire in plane sight as a reminder to keep your eye on the prize. The subject of using vision boards as a manifesting tool is a favorite topic in both my classes and private client sessions. Not so much the creating and intention of the vision boards, as there are a number of terrific resources for guidance on assembling your board. Rather, we explore and nurture developing and mastering the practice of keeping our attention on the intention the vision board represents. We focus on master the art of Mind over Matter; if you don’t mind it, it cannot matter. 

When a client gets discouraged about how long it is taking for their vision board to “work,” and their heart’s desire to “exist,” we take a look at where they are in-alignment or out-of-alignment with being an asset and liability in the manifestation of their intention. 

That conversation begins with identifying how much time, in minutes, on any given day, the client spends giving their undivided focus to their heart’s desire. The average time is anywhere between 5-10 minutes, of uninterrupted laser focus. This may not sound like much of a time investment, however, given the millions of thoughts our brain has access to in any given moment, 5-10 minutes of laser focus is pretty impressive. 

The conversation continues with a break down of a 24-hour day. If there are twenty-four hours in the day, and we spend an average of seven minutes per day focusing on the contents of the our vision board, that leaves an average of twenty-three hours and fifty-three minutes per day where we are not focused on manifesting our heart’s desire. 

Understanding, with a multitude of life-happenings to juggle during an average day, it is not realistic or possible for us to give our undivided attention to any one subject for an extended undisrupted period of time—let alone on something that doesn’t exist … yet.  

At this point in the conversation I invite clients to consider how, to be effective in manifesting results, we don’t have to keep our undivided focus on the items represented in the our vision board. However, to be a cooperative-component in generating desired results, we do have to be effective in sustaining a vibrational match to that which we desire to manifest. This sustained vibrational offering acts as a beacon of attraction calling forth the manifestation of the heart’s desire into physical form.

To manage ourselves in a sustained vibrational alignment with our heart’s desire we only need to identify how we believe we will feel in the experience of our heart’s desire once it is tangible. From here, we lock into that feeling (vibration), and do whatever it takes to sustain that (feel good) vibration for as long as we are willing and able. Where previously we were able to sustain our undivided focus on the contents of our vision board for five to ten minutes, we are now able to sustain our vibrational connection to our heart’s desire for tens of minutes, if not hours longer. When our goal is to sustain the vibrational match to our heart’s desire, once identified, what we’re focused on becomes irrelevant to the the vibration we are sustaining.  This sustained vibration exponentially increases our participation in the manifesting of our heart’s desire.

In my classes I encourage clients—when they find themselves struggling to sustain their feel-good vibration—to stop whatever they are doing and go play with puppies (or kittens). And, if you don’t have puppies and kittens nearby, go on-line to access hours of YouTube videos. Just the idea of playing with puppies brings a smile their faces and raises the vibration of the room.  

The payoff for sustaining the vibrational match of our heart’s desire in support of manifesting it, is, in doing so, we generate the experience of the heart’s desire before we actually have it. Similar to standing in line at the café, having placed your drink order and waiting for the barista to work their caffeine magic, chances are you are having an experience of that first delicious sip long before the cup reaches your lips.  

When we are having the vibrational experience of our heart’s desire—as part of manifesting the heart’s desire—we close the gap between the experience of wanting the heart’s desire and the experience of having it. When we hold this experience of sustains vibrational offering we no longer need the heart’s desire to have the experience of it. No longer needing the heart’s desire to have the feel good experience, there is no resistance, and the heart’s desire must manifest. When it does manifest, we have already positioned ourselves to recognize, receive, and retain the manifested expression of our vision board. 

Whether a cappuccino or a life-partner, the three phases of the manifesting process; Ask, Allow, Receive; are a cut-and-paste formula. The only thing keeping us from effectively navigating is our unconscious practice of assigning a degree of difficulty to one versus the other. 

I’ll leave you with this little insight; the Universe is a “Yes” machine. It does not assign a judgement of good or bad, right or wrong, or degrees of difficulty. What we give our focus to consciously or unconsciously, the Universe says “Yes” to—whether we want it, or not. Our part in manifesting any heart’s desire is to be an intentional cooperative-component in managing ourselves into sustainable alignment with the highest (feel good) vibrational we can muster up, as often as we are willing, for as long as we are able. 

(((PUPPIES))) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bZbUrv1UK4


Terrific Resources:

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