Talent; It’s A Soul Mission

From our human, physical world perspective, our Mission is a platform on which our contribution to the evolution of humanity is articulated into the world. Consider your vocation, your volunteer work, and any and all creative expression as a Mission vehicle.

Where we get distracted from remembering our Purpose is when we question what we are good at, are passionate about, and have a talent for as being unrealistic or not applicable to the “real world.” Or, even more depleting, when we hold our Purpose up to what we think is noble and appropriate when comparing ourselves to the Purpose work of those who inspire us. Most people do not relate Purpose to talent, and talent to Soul, and yet, it makes total sense that talent would be an indicator of Purpose when we consider how talent is the expression of our Source through us.

For the record, everyone has a talent, a contribution, a part, and a Soul to be voiced. Remembering how our Purpose is our part, assigned to us by God in God’s plan, comes in handy as a point of reference. We are all vessels for the articulation of God’s creation. That is why it feels so good to be in Purpose; it’s why we lose track of time and participate tirelessly for hours, finding almost superhuman-like focus, energy, and clarity. We all have Purpose and a purpose in the evolution of our humanity. The degree to which we are clear and effective in our Purpose is determined by how willing we are to allow ourselves to be informed and guided by the Source of our talent.

As an example, consider the mission statement—a staple in the development and promotion of any organization. Whether done consciously or unconsciously, when we pen a mission statement with a Soul awareness intact, we have created a declaration of intention—a claiming of Purpose. There is no “hoping” or “wanting” in the vibrational offering of an authentic mission statement. When we claim our Mission, we are fueling it with a Soul Purpose. We will be held accountable for (and be supported within the Universal Law of Attraction for) our part in our contribution.

The clarity established in a mission statement is an anchor for an organization’s understanding of itself and how it intends to contribute to culture, society, and thus humanity. This articulation gives a focal point for members to rally around, check in with, and sustain alignment with their individual and collective integrity.

It is the same with our life’s Mission. Our Mission is a way for us to anchor our Purpose with a focal point of intention, a touchstone to reference sustainability of alignment and integrity. Formulate your Mission as a vehicle in which your talents are enlisted and your (Soul) Purpose is given voice into the world.

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