The Authentic Conscious Question

Asking for clarity when we are frustrated about something and want to understand how to handle the situation or why the experience is happening, we will manifest an answer that is the closest match to the vibration from which we asked the question. So, if we ask a question from a place (a vibrational offering) of frustration, we can only hear (manifest) an answer that supports and matches the vibration of frustration. We can find some relief in this, in that we feel validated in our frustration, and for a while, we may be content. However, it is not long before we get frustrated again (or more so) and ask another question, which calls forth another answer of equal vibration … and so on. We get caught in a loop of one step forward, two steps back, a half-step forward, one step back, no step forward, one step back. And before long, we’re only moving backward, further and further down the rabbit hole of despair. Of course, this is an unconscious process, for who in their right mind would consciously choose to remain stuck in a loop of frustration?

When we bring a conscious intention to our question and ask for clarity from the place of our At-One-Ment (from our intended healed humanity), we call forth an answer that guides us beyond the place from which we asked the question and into an answer beyond what we had previously known or considered possible. We are now moving one step forward and one step forward and one step forward. I always invite my clients to consider that, rather than asking, “Why is this happening to me?” ask instead, “Why is this happening for me?” In this one shift of perspective, we position ourselves out of alignment with the stuck victim and into alignment with the forward-moving warrior.

If we want to supersize our question and call forth a profound answer, we can ask, “What is this trying to show me, the seeing of which will change everything?” Then listen with a willingness to hear and see beyond what our current reality dictates as possible. This question doesn’t just set us up to move forward; it sets us up to launch forward.

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