Be Willing Not To Fit In.

I love my café time. Today I witnessed (overheard) a number of conversations, each exploring a variety of ways to be more effective in mastering a specific modality of business communication. Each person shared about the (perceived) obstacles and limitations they encountered while navigating the specific model they were committed to emulating.

As I experienced it, the conversations rallied around the symptoms of their frustrations rather than the source their limitation. I witnessed groups of wound-mates asking “What do i do, to have what I need, so I can be (fill int he blank)?” I suspected how, by asking a different question, each group could transform into a tribe of warriors; “Who do I be, to attract what I desire, so I can do (fill in the blank)? Who we are being outweighs, by far, what we are doing as an informant to the results we create and the experiences we have.

I sat quietly and thought to myself, “If could make one contribution, offer one idea to this group, in this moment, what would it be?” So, I did a single-card pull from my At-One-Ment 52-card deck. Card 42,Action Twenty-Six, Be Willing Not To Fit In.

Models are a great guide in establishing a foundation to launch any process. However, it’s the voice of our authentic self, our creative spirit that breathes life into our thoughts, words, and actions. Anyone can memorize steps, rules, and formulas. However, to be effective in generating desired results, it is our unique way of being that guides us to to find our place in the spot light of our success.

It was not my place, or my business, to interject. These were not private clients or students participating in a workshop. I was a witness, not a facilitator. However, always the student, I understand how these people were mirroring something, reflecting back to me, something I needed to remember. For several weeks now I had been trying to emulate a model of business communication that did not support my authentic self. I had been attempting to fit myself into a process that was not a match for my creative spirt. I had forgotten to “Be Willing Not To Fit In.”

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