Take It Up A Step

Music feeds my soul like nothing else. Since I was a child the sound of big-band jazz can stimulated every cell of my body, instantly raising my vibe up a step … or, an octave. It is impossible for me to sit still when I am swept up in the feel-good vibe of swing. 

I was reminded of this recently when I attended a performance of Some Like It Hot – the New Musical Comedy, on Broadway, at the Schubert Theatre in NYC. From the first note of the overture to the final notes of the curtain-call, the score is a musical locomotive through a journey of personal-discovery and self-acceptance. Based on the 1959 film, staring Jake Lemond, Tony Curtis, and Marilyn Monroe, this new musical offers a deeper exploration of the social issues of the time, injecting the characters with an authentic humanity–which, having previously been limited by censorship, where now played with more subtle, and not so subtle, undertones not available to the original film version. The reimagining of the story, and the introduction of the lively musical score, give the production a heart and soul, infecting the audience with a love for humanity, much needed and quite appropriate for these times of reclaiming our humanity.

With my work as a life-shift facilitator, the experience of Some Like It Hot – the New Musical Comedy, was home and heaven for me. So much so, I saw the show again the next night, to get another dose of its invitation to embrace the heart and soul of our individual and collective humanity. 

One song in particular caught my attention as an anthem for my purpose-work as a facilitator of the At-One-Ment, Reclaiming Our Humanity conversation and experience. Take It Up A Step is a call to purpose. It calls us out, and up, to do the work required to aligning us with our potential, and show up being the change we wish to see in the world. The lyrics describe the journey to mastery, and the music carries us through a vibe-alignment to a palpable and sustainable vibe-shift. When we come across touchstones of inspiration, we can use them as tools to support our efforts in aligning vibrationally with our higher potential. When these tools activate an instant vibe-alignment with minimal resistance, we’ve struck gold.

You can’t cross the finish line 

If you don’t run the race

And you can’t hit the peak 

Without the climb

You can’t get to where you want 

If you just stand in place

You’re never gonna get your fill 

With both your drumsticks standing still

You can’t hit the other side 

Without the trip at sea

The welcome doesn’t come 

Without the schlep 

So when you think the work is done

Well honey, take a tip from me

Yeah, ladies, wake it up and shake it up 

And take it up a step! 

‘Cause when the lock won’t set ya free

Perhaps it’s time to change the key.

If where you’re at ain’t soundin’ great 

Then doll, it’s time to modulate

The devil’s right behind ya’

Girls, this is no place to stop!

Ladies, take it up a step so

we can take it to the top 

When we were all just little girls

And music called our name

We sat alone, just fingering our scales.

You can’t take the shortcut 

on the rocky road to fame

Your embouchure must come of age

Before you step onto the stage!

So when we hit the bandstand 

For the time to sink or sail 

We all were pros, because we did the prep! 

“Cause, when the rhythm starts a-callin’ 

And its time for you to wail

Yeah, ladies, wake it up and make it up,

And take it up a step! 

Now, showbiz is a big prizefight

It hits you with a left and right 

Just one false step will take you to the mat!

But if you rise up from all fours

The next big hit just might be yours

You’ll be a knockout, kid, in no time flat!

Nobody wants to go for kersplat! 

So if you think your swing is swung

Just keep on climbing rung by rung

For when your life shows nothing new

The next rung up might change your view

We’ve got no choice except to prove

Our show ain’t gonna flop

Yeah, we’ve got to keep on movin’,

(Yeah we’ve got to keep on movin’)

Build that beat, beneath the bop!

(Build that beat beneath the bop!)

Ladies, take it up a step

So, we can take it to the top!

Take it to the top!

Some Like It Hot – the New Musical Comedy- Take It Up A Step, by Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman

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