Filling Hope

Hope without action is like a cannoli without filling. Nice shell, but what’s the point?

This would be a good time to check-in with how our thoughts, words, and action are either an asset or a liability in support of what we have created and what we hope to create.

If we don’t like what we have already created, we can de-manifest any messes we have made, and, upgrade our potential for what we hope to create.

The key is to be clear on what thoughts and words we are using as the “filling” for our hopes. If the “shell” is pretty but the “filling” is absent or rancid, our actions will have less than desirable, even toxic, results. It’s like I always say, “You can sprinkle powdered sugar over a pile of poo and call it dessert; but it’s still a pile of poo.”

Hope requires profound commitment and pure intention, for actions to be effective, and results to be sustainable. Hope is an inside job.

So, let’s get cookin’.

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