One Person

When people ask the question “What difference can one person make?”, and allow themselves to be a (vibrational) match for the answer, effective actions will become obvious. The difference we can make is found beyond the problem. Having identified the problem, our part is to (vibrationally) align ourselves with the yet-to-be-known answer.

However we choose to celebrate during the Holiday Season we do so in honor of those who aligned their thoughts, words, and actions with the healed version of our humanity and our sacred potential.

From At-One-Ment: Reclaiming Our Humanity pg 77

“During a meditation on this topic, I was visiting with the Master Teachers and inquired what they wanted us to know about their teachings that we were not yet clear on, that which our getting clear on would change everything.

“We were not looking to create followers. We were, however, intending to manifest colleagues.””

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